How marketing can have a good coordination with sales Who wouldn’t want to win the love of sales?

The configuration with sales is not the most important priority in marketing, but it’s very difficult for marketing to reach its full potential without a good working relationship with sales.

Alignment with sales is hard. Misalignment is much harder. The symptoms of misalignment are many:

Your job longevity
Complaints from sales about lead quality
• Grievances from sales about lead volume
• Trepidations in marketing about speedy, complete lead follow-up
• Insufficient, uneven feedback/resolution on marketing leads
• Doubts about marketing claims of ROI
• Lackluster Return over the working capital (or the Return on working capital not able to be gauged in the most severe cases)
• Difficulty securing necessary marketing budgets
Marketing’s Trustworthiness Breach

In the core of this melee is trustworthiness for some better marketing with the CEO, CFO, and COO. At some of the many organizations, B2B marketing is an inferior partner, often not getting a seat at the executive table. For marketing to realize its potential to orchestrate shareholder value, marketing must develop a working partnership with the sales organization.
I’ve spent hundreds of hours interviewing top sales reps and their leaders, thousands of hours talking to marketers about leads and their perceptions of sales teams. We’ve also implemented successful service-level agreements in multiple enterprise organizations.

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