What is Alt Attribute?

Adding some good amount of pictures to both; your blog and your article would encourage people to read it thoroughly in their past time when they are having their favorite snack I guess. Some of the images, that others would put their opinion as a ‘good choice’ would also rank very well. But always keep in mind that images should have some good alt attributes. Alt text would strengthen the message you are trying to convey by giving your articles with the search engine crawlers which crawl through your web pages. Plus, it would totally augment and improve the quality of your website.

The term alt tag is one common abbreviation of what is really an alt attribute on the img tag. The alt tag of any kind of image on your site should be describing what is over it.

So what are alt plus title tags?

The alt and attribute of the image are most commonly referred to as the alt tags or text and title tag. Even supposing that they are not strictly tags.  The alt text always describes whatever is on the page and the characteristic of the image on the page; how the image is portraying itself. So if you use an image as a button to buy the product A, the alt text has to say, ‘buy the product A’. or redirection to product A.

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