Revex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Proudly represents a part of the Revex group, which has been serving the industry for over 6 decade with dedication & commitment of quality products in the Engineering sector. With professionally managed staff, the group is performing well with excellent Quality Control measures to deliver the best of it kind products.

REVECO Products

  • Artificial Translucent stone

    Alabaster and onyx: these materials have long inspired and caught the thoughts of designers and everyday people from the world over. Translucent, magnificent, and absolutely captivating, these stones are the essence of natural beauty. Panels, partitions, and countertops crafted of alabaster have traditionally been found in only the most luxurious bars, hospitality establishments, and homes on earth.

  • Solid Surface

    Reveco® Solid Surface is the ideal choice for a new kitchen or bath. This durable, non-porous material is tough and beautiful, which makes Solid Surface the perfect choice for a bar top, worktable, bathroom vanity, or kitchen countertop.
    Our fresh designs come in a variety of colors to complement your home's unique aesthetics. The seamless integration of our material will give your kitchen or bath the finished and stunning smooth look you want.

  • Designer Wash Basins

    We manufacture Designer standing wash basins

    solid surface basin

  • Designer Wall Mirror

    Designer Wall Mirror

  • Counter Top

    This stunning vanity top for a master bathroom is made from Reveco Translucent Stone
    Reveco stone vanity/countertop in combination with led lights creates an elegant and high-end feel to the bathroom.Backlighting can set a bathroom to an exquisite ambience.So when labor cost is a concern and the install needs to be done quickly our Frameless Reveco countertop is the best solution as it is the fastest install. We like to assess each project and then help the client decide on the solution that fits their project.

  • Wall Clock

    The minimalistic Marble Wall Clock’s design allows you to read the hour and minutes of time in timeless fashion.

    “With smartphones replacing traditional clocks in our society we’d like to see a renaissance of the classic wall clock, an object not only beautiful but also highly distinguished. The Marble Wall Clock exudes nostalgia, and we’ve chosen a material combination that speaks to most human senses, something very important as a designer.

    The use of high-quality marble allows for a maximum appreciation of its mosaic and complex structure.Decorative, uncomplicated and made from natural, honest materials, the Marble Wall Clock is an elegant object that helps you keep track while looking back.