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    We are a Delhi based trading company, dealing in Door Hardware, Glass Hardware, Furniture Hardware and Kitchen fittings.

Welcome! This is Fordela Impex Pvt Ltd.

Fordela has been leading to the creation for some of the best attractive plans in the fittings of glass and furniture, making the livelihood friendly.

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Door Locking System

Safety and Security has been the topmost importance for the majority of the nation and worldwide since irrespective of where our houses or establishments are, posh location or remote area; it becomes continuously handy for shoplifters, thieves and housebreakers to move in on them. Therefore, it is always obligatory for EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN to ensure that their home/associations are well-resourced with best security measures.

Door Accesories

With the constant endorsement of our diligent experts, we are engrossed in presenting a highly qualitative Round Key Hole to the industry.


Turning any hectic kitchen schedule into a blissful experience, this ergonomically designed Carousel guarantees a fine balance of storage and convenience. Thanks to its adjustable feature, you can throw caution to wind and include any big or small item – crockery, pots and pans, and even some appliances – in this space saver which allows you to utilize every single cubic feet of its area.

Pantry Unit

Engineered for a contemporary Indian kitchen, the Pantry unit is an ideal way to store the characteristic mix of containers that are found only in Indian milieu. With its Swing-Pull-Swivel mechanism, you can store and retrieve things the way you want in a particular hierarchy. The ultrasmooth open-and-shut actions are an added advantage of this unit thanks to its SoftClose system which is designed in tandem with international standards. Make the most of your kitchen moments with a truly remarkable blend of design genius and functional intelligence.


Be it day or night, at home or away, you can ensure that your home and loved ones stay secure with SeeThru Octa HD Home Surveillance System from Godrej. What's more, you can view the video feed on your laptop via internet and even on your smart phone via a mobile application. So now you realise, keeping your family safe is as easy as installing a SeeThru Octa HD Home Surveillance System!

SeeThru ST 7” Lite

Be at your home or anywhere else, convenience will never be away from you. Our Video Door Phone will make sure that no visitor at your door ever goes unanswered. Neither does trouble go undetected. So open your door to convenience and stay safe and comfortable, always.

Why choose Us

We have helped our industries recover their ground zero across a diversity ofconscientiousness, from the security devices to devices which have the mechanism of leverage.With more than 10 years of experience in dealing with hardware, furniture and fittings, we have the best tools in the trade to help you improve your business.

Our Mission

We are giving a more superior customer service, Commitment and Quality with Money-spinning Vision of Growth. We are aiming to be India's principal customer oriented company for Glass Hardware and Kitchen Fittings. We are aiming to be the company which understands as well as mollifies the manufactured goods.

What you get

In this division FordelaImpex deals in a miscellaneous plus greatly specialized range of products consisting products from selected quality manufacturers and innovative in-house products. In this chapter you will find suitable sliding and fulcrum door systems for just about any kind of state. Door closing instruments and cabinets for all-goblet methods finish the catalogue.